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William Alvarodiaz, RPh.
Pharmacy Manager

After graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Science in 1996, I was fortunate to begin my professional career with Publix as a staff pharmacist. Publix was a perfect fit since post graduating I possessed a vast knowledge of pharmaceuticals but very little on how to be a pharmacist and a professional focused upon customer service and satisfaction. It was while employed by Publix, I learned that providing a quality product and excellent service on a consistent basis is critical to any successful business. It was not long before I committed to the idea that building a loyal and satisfied customer base would be the key to my professional success and grew into a management position at Publix where I remained for approximately twelve years.

While working for Publix, I took inventory on where I wanted to see my career grow and found myself gravitating towards senior care. To pursue this further, I took a part-time position at a successful long term care pharmacy in the bay area. While working there, my love for the senior industry continued to develop into a true passion and decided to focus on the long term care aspect as a full-time endeavor whereby NovoPharm emerged.

Through my education and professional experiences, I have valued the importance of the senior industry and have made it my focus to not only learn about the laws and regulations governing senior care, but to continuously work to develop the skills and experience necessary to manage a long term care pharmacy. I have turned a vision and a passion into a reality, a senior care pharmacy emphasizing quality services coupled with an expectation for excellence in customer satisfaction…YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!