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Benefits of partnering with us

Medication Record Forms

NovoPharm offers numerous medication record forms from various companies to better accommodate your needs. Here are some of the advantages of using NovoPharm:

  • FREE-MARs sent to the facility with the medications for each new admit or re-admit.
  • FREE-MARs for all residents with each monthly medication exchange.
  • FREE single form MARs, physician order forms and combination forms (physician order-MAR)

Our dedicated TEAM will work diligently to ensure that each resident’s medication observation record is updated as often as necessary with crucial information such as physician notes, diagnosis, and allergies (among others) to maintain accuracy and compliance.

Med Carts

Facilities will receive complementary medication carts based on the number of beds that a given facility is approved for. NovoPharm has teamed up with the nations leading med-cart makers to offer you the most durable and versatile carts in the industry. Med-carts are available in various styles and colors to complement your facility’s décor. All of our carts are equipped with the adequate storage capacity and up-to-date multiple storage features to improve accessibility and allow faster med-pass sessions.

Training and Educational Courses

We offer FREE training and educational courses to guarantee that your staff remains up-to-date with state regulations. For your convenience, most courses are offered at your facility as well as at our office.

Courses include:

  • Assisting resident with self-administration of medication (med-Tech cert)
  • Blood pathogens/HIV
  • CPR/ First Aid certification
  • Alzheimer’s certification

* No minimum attendance required.…any number, any time.