A long term care pharmacy dedicated to excellence in service and satisfaction.

Committed to Senior Care

Novopharm of Tampa Fl - Committed to Senior CareWe base our practices on customer service, safety, integrity and professionalism. We understand the importance of not just the assisted living facility, but we also value the importance of your residents and families who are utilizing NovoPharm. Our team is equipped to work with residents, families, and/or responsible parties to create customized payment plans to lessen the financial strain caused by today’s cost of medications. To achieve this, our highly trained team members serve as liaisons between physicians and residents to establish the most efficient drug therapy while ensuring the desired clinical outcome.

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Customer Service

Novopharm of Tampa FL - Customer ServiceNovoPharm is committed to excellence and expects that each of our team members provide services that are the best in the industry. As part of NovoPharm’s obtainable service, facilities will be provided the following free of charge: medication carts, Fax machines, medication record forms, periodic chart/cart audits and supplemental training focused upon aiding to their success in order for facilities to better achieve superior care and regulatory compliance.

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Pharmacy Transition made easy

NovoPharm of Tampa FL - Pharmacy Transition Made EasyFor assisted living facilities the transition between pharmacies is often perceived as a dismal and frustrating process. In fact, in many instances, it’s the transition itself that negatively impacts the decision making process when facilities are considering changing pharmacies. At Novopharm, however, we believe that this process should never be the deciding factor and therefore we remain committed to making this transition as seamless and unstressed as possible. This is why our 3 step process is by far the fastest and easiest transition system, yet.

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