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eMAR System

NovoPharm has partnered with Quick-MAR, one of the industry’s most innovative and efficient eMAR (on line Medication Administration Record) systems. Developed specifically for assisted living facilities, Quick-MAR is a web-based medication administration record and ordering system that virtually eliminates the need for paper during a med-pass. Using a touch screen tablet or laptop, Quick-Mar provides real-time medication records and essentially manages the entire medication life-cycle for the long term care community.

While featuring a user friendly application, Quick-MAR allows facility staff to:quickmar-logo175

  • update the MAR with new changes
  • record medication passes, destruction, and returns
  • track the order and delivery of medications
  • complete scheduled cycle fills
  • manage med-cart inventory
  • facilitates the tracking of controlled medications
  • monitor accountability for med-tech staff
  • increase accuracy of med-pass ensuring that each resident receives the correct dosage and medication
  • plus much, much more

Some benefits of using Quick-Mar in an Assisted Living Facility include:

  • reduces or eliminates medication errors
  • shortens the med passes time by more than 30 percent
  • improves survey results
  • enhances the quality of care and safety for your residents

By using Quick-MAR, assisted living facilities / long term care facilities make their medication-administration process more efficient in a fraction of the time of the more traditional paper MAR systems. Furthermore, it will also promote a greater sense of trust and peace of mind for residents and their families in knowing that the facility is committed to offering the highest level of health service while minimizing the opportunity for medication error.

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