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Long Term Care Services

Novopharm of Tampa, FL - Long Term Care Services

NovoPharm’s focus is to provide the most efficient and highest level of services to our facilities while ensuring safety, integrity and professionalism. With over 12 years of experience in long-term care, our team of pharmacist and technicians is equipped with the knowledge and resources to serve and support your facility’s needs. NovoPharm is committed not just to your facility but more importantly to the residents and families that are utilizing our services. We value the importance of the residents and will ensure that as a company, we provide the highest quality of services and customer satisfaction that they deserve.

NovoPharm is committed to excellence in order to guarantee that our products and services are the best in our industry. We don’t adhere to a “cookie cutter” approach since we believe that each customer and each resident has individual needs. Therefore, we believe in customizing our services to best meet the needs of not only the facilities but of the residents that they serve as well. To achieve this, our highly trained team members serve as liaisons between physicians and residents to establish the most efficient drug therapy program with elevated focus on ensuring the desired clinical outcome. In addition, our team is available to work with residents, families, and/or power of attorneys to create customized payment plans to lessen the financial strain, particularly during the Medicare Part D‘s gap of “donut hole” period.